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Orbit Box

Say goodbye to buffering and hello to non-stop entertainment with Orbit Box from Orbit, enjoy an uninterrupted streaming experience like never before.

Enjoy Orbit Box features like:

  • Family-friendly entertainment content
  • Premium live TV channels from Alfa and others
  • Ability to connect to Satellite TV through an inbuilt tuner
  • Parental Control
  • HD & 4k streaming and much more.
  • Rewind tv
  • Tv guide
  • Catch Up Tv
  • Access a variety of other fantastic content through streaming applications like Shahid, Starzplay, and OSN+ *
  • Access to Google Play store and ‘made for TV’ apps.
  • Gaming applications (Coming soon)

* (additional subscription may be necessary)

My Home

Orbit Now

Get access to a world of endless entertainment options with Orbit Now. the streaming application is one of My Home Services. With 10,000 hours of video-on-demand content for non-stop entertainment.

Orbit Now application featured with:

  • Channel streamed live on your phone
  • Great recommendations based on your viewing habits.
  • Video on demand covering Arabic and some Western content from Series to Movies, Music, and current affairs.
  • Kid-friendly programs and additional parental controls give peace of mind.
  • Record live TV programs to view later.
  • Full TV guide for the live channels.
  • Store your watchlist, recordings, and favorite channels on the app.
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My Home

Smart home (Coming soon)

Transform your home into a smart and connected abode with Orbit's Smart Home solutions. Partnering with leading hardware and software providers, you can easily monitor and control all aspects of your home from lighting to air conditioning and security with just a touch of a button, giving you the capability of controlling your home from your living room or any place in the world. Experience the latest in home automation technology and have all your home's needs covered with Orbit Smart Home service.

Smart Home services features:

  • Home Security & Safety Services
  • Plug and play multi- sensing devices
  • Motion Detection & Alarm System
  • Smart plugs
  • Smart Switches
  • Smart light bulbs
  • Home monitoring

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E-learning (Coming soon)

Transform the way your children learn with Advanced Learning World E-learning platform, with personalized and innovative teaching methods, and the latest in AI technology for a safe and secure environment, students will receive a one-of-a-kind education that meets the highest international online learning standards.

Through a partnership with ALW Orbit will be able to offer ALW e-learning through its Orbit Box and Orbit Now / World products and services:

  • OnDemand content
  • Weekly reviews (Live sessions)
  • Personal digital teacher

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Smart WiFi (Coming soon)

Stay connected with ease and peace of mind with Orbit's smart Wi-Fi solutions. With our hardware provider partnerships, enjoy improved in-home coverage and dependability, plus a fully managed service to help manage and monitor your family's internet access for safety and security

Enhance your online experience with Orbit's smart Wi-Fi features such as:

  • Seamless connectivity from room to room using mesh technology
  • One ‘in-home’ network connecting all devices to the internet including printers, scanners, mobile devices, tablets, smart TV s and more
  • Reliable and stable Wi-Fi connectivity through in-built software managing connections automatically.
  • Better customer care and support experience
  • Better parental control using intuitive software to manage, monitor and control user’s access to the net across all devices
  • Access to many applications to provide services such as Cyber security, Wi-Fi motion sensing, Smart home, etc

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